Real-time Offline Camera Translator for Japanese

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Real-Time Camera Translation

Point and read Japanese in real-time with your smartphone's camera

Camera-Roll Photos

Upload pictures from your camera roll and translate text and characters

Draw Kanjis

Practice drawing kanjis and learn their meaning


Explore the built-in dictionary, using keyboard or handwriting input

Vocabulary Lists

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What our users say!

Thank you this app saved my life. I was using the aircon & dont know kanji, i needed hot but it was on cold so live-cam made me choose warm. Now i am happy & warm :)

The best of its kind Works perfectly, this tool is extremely powerful for people traveling since it is totally offline. Highly recommended. Thank you.

By far the best kanji recognition software available. Not exactly a beautiful design, but that's just nitpicking considering how useful this app is. Extremely happy!

No other app is this versatile in recognizing Kanji. As a Japanese learner this is invaluable and incredibly helpful for reading writing and learning kanji.

Not only does this app work fast. It works without wifi. My time in Japan was much more easier when filling out documents with this app. Fast, works. Translations are 96% accurate.

Excellent tool for travelling, particularly those places or cities were signs, announcements, descriptions of historical locations are only written in Japanese! Thank you very much!

特に画面を固定できるのが良い! 精度が悪いと言ってる人は文字に焦点を当ててないのでは? 文字に焦点を当てれば非常に良い精度の結果が返ってくるので留学生にはもってこいのアプリです!

I was searching for an app like this & I came across Yomiwa in a perfect time. I tried the free version & got fantastic results. It pushed me to buy the app then it became one of my vital apps for my work!