Privacy Policy

The team working on Yomiwa and HanYou is committed to privacy. However in order to provide quality software, we do collect some information. This page aims at explaining which information we gather in Yomiwa and Hanyou (the app), which permissions the app uses, how and why we do that, and how you can opt out of it.

1 - App permissions

1.1 - Access to Camera

The app requires access to your device's camera if you want to use the camera mode (real-time translation). The app only uses the camera in the camera mode. If you do not see the camera preview on the screen, it means that the app is not using it.

Permission to access the camera is asked to the user on the first time you select the camera mode. You can disable this permission from your device's settings. If you disable it, the app will continue to function normally, except that the camera mode will be disabled and you will not be able to take a picture and directly import it from within the app.

2 Access to selected Picture

When you import a picture through the camera roll mode, the app has only access to this picture. Picture is not stored on any server.

3 - Picture storage when posting a picture on the app Wall feature

When you post a picture on the Wall, the picture is stored on a dedicated server, for the sole purpose of displaying the picture to other users of the app.

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